Introduction of Bac Ha NanoTechology Pharmaceutical JSC

Company establishment

Bac Ha Bac Kan Curcumin JSC

Bac Ha Bac Kan Curcumin JCS has the business registration number 4700257128, licensed for the first time on 13th May 2015 and changed for the second time on 4th August 2020 by Bac Kan Province’s Department of Planning and Investment.

Bac Ha NanoTechology Pharmaceutical JSC specializes in: Research and experimental development of natural sciences and engineering

Details: Extracting Curcumin, manufacturing natural products made from medicinal herbs, researching to apply Curcumin in functional foods, researching and producing post-harvest food processing technology.


Address: Nam Doi Than village, Nong Thuong Commune, Bac Kan City, Bac Kan Province
Tel: 0868 189 789 – 0983 893 789
Director: Pham Van Hanh

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  • Office: Room 206, 2nd floor, W2 Building Vinhome Westpoint, Pham Hung, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
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  • Address: No 77, Lane 46, Viet Bac Street, Thai Nguyen City
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  • Address: 69/2A 494 Street, Tang Nhon Phu A Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC
  • Hotline: 0798 222 268
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Our journey of development


In 2014, we are the pioneer in the research of nano technology for agricultural products, especially turmeric. After the long and thorought process of reseaching, we successfully completed the perfect production line and technologies for manufacturing Nano curcumin from turmericon an industrial scale.  We offers customers with the best quality products with the purity of 95 – 98% and received great attention of customers. Scientists considered it a breakthrough, creating high value for turmeric. We also created a value chain of high-tech products which are health supplements licensed by the Ministry of Health.


In 2015, we built Bac Ha Curcumin factory, manufacturing and introducing high-quality Nano Curcumin products such as VI-CUMAX NANO CURCUMIN Health Supplement with nano curcumin extracted from yellow sticky turmeric grown in Bac Kan mountains, Mountain Jiaogulan Herbal Tea, BKA Cumin T2-T98 Hac Hoang Ky Phuong  (combination of Panax Pseudoginseng and curcumin) and VI-CUMAX G2 (combination of Nano Curcumin and bitter ginger)…These products meet all requirements related to food safety and hygiene as well as demands of customers in Bac Kan and other provinces.


In 2016, we introduced a wide range of health supplement products such as BKA cumin 95, BKA cumin T98, BKA M2, BKA D2…


In 2017-2018, we developed and improved our technologies to complete the value chain of health supplements following GMP and HACCP. We were the first company to have 4-star product in One Commune One Product program. After that our products were widely introduced in Vietnam and other countries, receiving great feedbacks about product quality from customers and scientists


In 2019, we continued to improve and perfect the technology to bring to the market 11 products in the value chain of agricultural products such as turmeric, ginger, Jiaogulan, honey… 11 products participating in the OCOP competition were all rated 4 stars and 3 stars. Moreover, we are the first company in the world to successfully research and produce Chaga KMS-20 Nano mushroom by altering mitochondrial function.

Quality Certificates

Chứng nhận Hàng Việt Nam chất lượng cao
Chứng nhận Hệ thống phân tích mối nguy và kiểm soát điểm tới hạn HACCP
Chứng nhận Hệ thống thực hành sản xuất tốt GMP
Chứng nhận Mỗi xã một sản phẩm OCOP
Chứng nhận Sản phẩm chất lượng vàng thủ đô
Chứng nhận Sản phẩm chất lượng vàng vì sức khoẻ người tiêu dùng
Chứng nhận Sản phẩm nông thôn tiêu biểu
Chứng nhận thương hiệu - nhãn hiệu độc quyền uy tín
Chứng nhận Thương hiệu vàng nông nghiệp Việt Nam
Chứng nhận An toàn sản xuất Thực phẩm do Tỉnh Bắc Kạn cấp
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