Delivery methods

You can choose to:

  • Visit our company for buying our products
  • Receive your products at home (COD shipping)

Estimated time for delivery

Normally, after receiving order information, we will process the order within 24 hours and respond to you with payment and delivery information.

It usually takes 3 to 5 days from the date of order confirmation or agreement for delivery.

However, the delivery could take a longer time in some cases:

  • Incorrect address or shipper can not find your address
  • Slow order process due to a sudden increase in the number of orders
  • Delay delivery due to problems of our delivery partners

Delivery cost

Regarding delivery cost, we use an external shipping service, so the shipping fee will be calculated according to their policy based on the volume and location. We will let you know this fee  when contacting for order confirmation.

Geographical restrictions for delivery

Particularly for provincial customers who want to buy a great number of our products, we will ask for the delivery service of shipping companies and the fee will be calculated according to the fees of the service providers or according to the contractual agreement between the two parties.

Note: In the event of a delay in delivery, we will promptly notify the customer and the customer can choose between canceling or continuing to wait.